NOW Celebrating award winning product with GREAT PRICE
NOW Celebrating award winning product with GREAT PRICE
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A new world of ball games

In the High 5 - App throwing ball becomes a digital game. Connect Playfinity to your phone and play active and social games with your phone. Choose a game, connect and play! Experience a revolution of Play. Get score, compete together and challenge each other. Available to iOS and Android. You need a Playfinity play console and ball to play High 5. 



  • Download High 5 app
  • Put Playfinity play console in your ball
  • Connect and Play! 


Choose between games

Get score 



Create challenge

When you have played a game you get a score from what you achieved in your game. You can play again to beat the score or you can challenge a friend to beat your score.



Create your own game!

Choose what game you want to play and make the rules


Create a playfield with your own rules

TIP: Combining the games in High 5 with analoge rules. Create your play field! Use chalk, tape or something else to make your play field. For example who gets from A to B with fewest trows?  


This is great to make the most out of your Playfinity games. Look and get inspiration.