Playfinity started with inspiration from the open and free play where we are active, creative and making great social experiences together. It's about fun and learning, about playfulness and creating “games” that activates the brain and the body. We in Playfinity want to create a greater solution for play and activities because we consider it as fundamental for human needs and important for society. In a time where technology is threatening the open and free play, Playfinity is using technology to enhance it, and give open and free play a new world of possibilities. 


Playfinity is a platform linking technology to activity, creating infinite possibilities of creating active games that can be played anywhere. Use your room, your backyard or even a whole park or forest. We call this “active gaming”.


We have started with ball games, further we developed trampoline, freestyle football and now handball app with a lot more coming... Our innovative leap in play is rapidly being adopted in the market, and as confirmation of success, we have already won an award after half a year on the market as the best health and training product; Gulltasten 2018. We want to give the power back to our users to be able to create their own social experiences and playful activities.


Please let us know if you have an idea that you think we should develop – the world is our playful oyster. Be a part of our journey!


Bilderesultat for gulltasten

"I en lang rekke produkter som i hovedsak består av gode smartklokker og treningsarmbånd, er det ett produkt som skiller seg ut ved at brukeren faktisk må bedrive fysisk aktivitet. Det er attpå til bygget i Norge, og det er rimelig."



Bilderesultat for norges håndballforbund   Bilderesultat for european handball associationBilderesultat for sportbox